SunFounder 9g Metal SF180M Digital Semi-metal Micro Servo (2 pack)

SunFounder 9g Metal SF180M Digital Semi-metal Micro Servo (2 pack)

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  • High-precision semi-metal gears with hard anodizing
  • High performance digital standard servo
  • Operating Voltage Range is 4.8V~6.0V.
  • Operating travel: 180°±5°
  • Suitable for helicopter, airplane, boat, robot and a variety of R/C Toys

Test Environment Standard
Every characteristic of the inspection must be normal temperature and humidity carry out the test, temperature 25±5℃ and relative humidity 65±10% of judgment made in accordance with this specification standard testing conditions.

Electrical Specification
  • Operating speed(at 4.8V no load): 0.11 Sec/60°
  • Running current(at 4.8V no load): 90 mA
  • Stall torque(at locked 4.8V): 2.5 kg-cm
  • Stall current(at locked 4.8V): 600 mA
  • Idle current(at stopped 4.8V): 3 mA
  • Running life(at no load 4.8V): 100000 times
  • Operating speed(at 6.0V no load): 0.09 Sec/60°
  • Running current(at 6.0V no load): 100 mA
  • Stall torque(at locked 6.0V): 3 kg-cm
  • Stall current(at locked 6.0V): 730 mA
  • Idle current(at stopped 6.0V): 3 mA

Note: Running current(at no load) definition is the average value when the servo running with no load.

Control Specification
  • Control system: Pulse width modification
  • Operating travel: 180°±5°
  • Neutral position: 1500 μ sec
  • Rotating direction: Clockwise(When 1000~2000μ sec)
  • Pulse width range: 750~2250 μ sec
  • Maximum travel: Approx 140 °(When 750~2250 μ sec)
Mechanical specification
  • Connector wire length: 190±5 mm
  • Limit angle: 200°±10°
  • Weight: 9 grams(without servo horn and screw)
  • Connector wire gauge: #28 AWG
  • Horn gear spline: 21T
  • Horn type: Two blades, One blade, Circle
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  • SF180M Semi-metal Digital Servo Motor x 2
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Great Hi-Torque Servo By Gregory 2019-12-05 01:19:40

I was looking for a servo that offered higher torque than standard servos. I was pleasantly surprised! For the price, this servo is very powerful. I'm currently using it on an 1/8 scale buggy and has large wheels and tires. A standard servo had great difficulty turning the wheels adequately. This servo has made all the difference. It turns the wheels quickly and efficiently. It's also some quieter than other servos I've used. Very please and will purchase this brand again.

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