SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit V2.0 for Arduino

SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit V2.0 for Arduino

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SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit V2.0 for Arduino

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1 .A brand new Sensor Kit V2 for Arduino, with the freshly-rewritten User Manual provided for you to easily learn this NEW kit
2. The User Manual in this new kit will be of larger size, with more details at the same time, when the Fritzing breadboard images and schematic diagrams are much clearer
3. 37 modules included, all of which are redesigned. For most of the modules, a pin socket for anti-reverse cable is soldered, thus making the wiring much tighter and convenient
4. Schematic diagram of each module is offered so you may understand in depth how the module works
5. 36 lessons in the 100-page User Manual, paper version included in the package when the PDF version on our website

Product Description



This NEW Sensor Kit V2.0 for Arduino is a revision based on the previous version Sensor Kit for Arduino. Most of the experiments are the same between the two. The key difference lies in the code and Fritzing breadboard images which are changed greatly in the new version – SunFounder has redesigned the modules to be really utilized in this kit, and to keep the experimental phenomenon unchanged we revised the code and images accordingly. The changes are obvious to be noticed.
Detailed materials of each module, including the code and Fritzing images, are provided in the LEARN section on our website for you to learn its applications easily. You may also find the datasheet of the modules in the WIKI section, which is available for download.

36 Experiments
Lesson 1 Display by I2C LCD1602
Lesson 2 Analog Hall Sensor
Lesson 3 Switch Hall Sensor
Lesson 4 Analog Temperature Sensor
Lesson 5 Temperature Detection by Thermistor
Lesson 6 Auto-flash LED
Lesson 7 Barometer
Lesson 8 Real-time Clock Module
Lesson 9 Flame Alarm
Lesson 10 Flammable Gas Detection
Lesson 11 Humiture Detection
Lesson 12 Joystick PS2
Lesson 13 Controlling an LED by Button
Lesson 15 Touch Switch
Lesson 16 Photo-interrupter
Lesson 17 Photoswitch
Lesson 18 Reed Switch
Lesson 19 Relay
Lesson 20 Blinking an LED by Potentiometer
Lesson 21 Tilt Switch
Lesson 22 Buzzer
Lesson 23 Digital Temperature Sensor
Lesson 24 Rainbow LED
Lesson 25 Infrared Receiver
Lesson 26 Dual-color LED
Lesson 27 Sound Sensor
Lesson 28 Rotary Encoder
Lesson 29 Laser Transmitter
Lesson 30 IR Tracking Sensor
Lesson 31 IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
Lesson 32 Color Detection
Lesson 33 Analog-Digital Converter
Lesson 34 Raindrop Detection
Lesson 35 Distance Detection by Ultrasonic
Lesson 36 Thermostatic Water Tank

Package included:
1 * Analog Hall
1 * Hall Switch
1 * Analog Temperature
1 * Auto Flash LED
1 * Barometer-BMP180
1 * RTC-DS1302
1 * Flame Sensor
1 * Gas Sensor
1 * Humiture Sensor
1 * Joystick PS2
1 * Button
1 * Touch Switch
1 * Photo-interrupter
1 * Photoresistor
1 * Reed Switch
1 * Potentiometer
1 * Relay Module
1 * Thermistor
1 * Tilt-Switch
1 * Active Buzzer
1 * Passive Buzzer
1 * Temperature Sensor DS18B20
1 * IR Receiver
1 * Dual-Color LED
1 * Sound Sensor
1 * Rotary Encoder
1 * Laser Emitter
1 * Tracking Sensor
1 * IR Obstacle Sensor
1 * Color Sensor
1 * AD/DA Converter PCF8591
1 * Raindrop Sensor
1 * Ultrasonic
1 * Remote Controller
1 * I2C LCD1602
1 * Breadboard
1 * USB Cable
5 * 5Pin-Anti-reverse Cable
5 * 4Pin-Anti-reverse Cable
5 * 3Pin-Anti-reverse Cable
Serval Dupont Wires

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit V2.0 for Arduino
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Best quality among all other kits in the market By Mrs 2018-05-24 02:43:53

Best quality among all other kits in the market, even from SunFounder itself. Instead of traditional pins coming out of the sensors/boards, in this kit all boards have a white connector -- with connectors/wires included in the kit.

SunFounder also has a very nice website, with tons of resources. Many kits out there are sold by the hundreds of parts. You get tempted to buying them for that same large amount of stuff, again, "stuffed" in the bag. But those parts are mostly from "dubious" sources in terms of the quality of the components and all you get besides the parts is a bunch of links to web videos and other scattered source of information.
SunFounder, on the other hand, makes a great job of gathering all the information for you and posting in their website. So, it is not just the manual/lectures book, but the source code, pictures, and even data sheet of the components all organized per lecture.
Indeed: an excellent kit!!!

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Excelent By Mau 2016-09-28 02:19:30

Well made, very good quality

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excellent starterkit to get an overview about possibilities By pd 2016-05-20 19:02:21

untill now about 30% of sensor examples tested - it is a big think. I get rid off my old HW computing things held over 30years and start now with new technology! Yeah!

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very cool By Gary S Bonard 2016-05-05 07:22:20

very cool

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as descried By Mohammad 2016-05-05 07:21:59

as descried

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The only issue I had was a library not working properly, but it is a problem that can be fixed. By R 2016-05-05 07:20:40

The only issue I had was a library not working properly, but it is a problem that can be fixed.

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