SunFounder Vincent Kit- Mega2560 Starter Kit for Arduino with 291 Items, including MEGA2560 R3 Board and Detailed 357 Page Tutorial


SunFounder Vincent Mega kit is a kit compatible with Arduino, designed for beginners and knowledgable Arduino learners. This Arduino kit uses Mega2560 as the main control board, containing 64 commonly used input and output components, modules and so many basic components (such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc.). It includes 40 lessons for learning the basic knowledge of programming. In addition, you can explore more applications with these basic electronic parts.

  • New Upgraded Kit: This Arduino kit is upgraded to offer Arduino learners greater experience, coming with 64 input and output components, 291 pieces in total.
  • Detailed Graphical Manual: This complete starter kit provides a detailed tutorial both on the CD and Github, which makes your experiment smoother.
  • 40 Projects Provided: there are 40 lessons in this super mega kit to explore more possibilities of Arduino experiment.
  • Convenient Package: a solid plastic box keeps all components intact, no more unnecessary damage.
  • What you get: Mega 2560 control board, various component modules,40 lessons, and our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

Projects Example

Access Control System - You will learn how to achieve the electronic access control system in this project, which is based on the traditional door lock. Using the electronic magnetic card or entering the password can unlock the door more convenient, instead of using the key.  
Overheat Monitor - Would you like to monitor the overheat situation in daily life? This lesson will help a lot. You can use a thermistor, relay, button, rotary encoder, and LCD to make an intelligent temperature monitoring device whose threshold is adjustable. For example, when the temperature of the room is above 30°C in summer, the electric fan or the air conditioner will be turned on automatically.
Guess Number - Guessing Number is a fun party game where you and your friends take turns inputting a number (0~99). The range will be smaller with the inputting of the number until a player answers the riddle correctly. Then losing players will be punished. Here, we use an IR Remote Controller to input numbers and use LCD to output outcomes. For more details about the steps of this project, please refer to the manual.


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