Rollflash Bionic Robot Turtle


The SunFounder Rollflash is a smart quadruped bionic robot built by acrylic plates. It mimics the tortoise because of its slow speed and is named Rollflash. And the Rollflash Kit proves itself a good learning tool for robotics hobbyists. It needs assembly and provides the code used, so you can improve your hands-on ability and learn programming and mechanics. This cute robot is powerful with the modules onside by programming, like wireless control on Android phone via Bluetooth, dancing, IR line following, obstacle avoiding by ultrasonic, etc. You can explore more interesting functions and bring them to reality by learning!  

Package included
1 Set x Acrylic Plates
16 x M1.2*4 Self-tapping Screw
4 x M1.6*10 Screw
4 x M1.6 Nut
16 x M2*8 Screw
16 x M2 Nut
2 x M3*8 Flat-Head Screw
36 x M3*10 Screw
38 x M3 Nut
4 x M3*6 Corn Rivet
8 x φ3*φ8*4 Flange Bearing
8 x SunFounder Servo (9g)
1 x 18650*2 Battery Holder
1 x SunFounder Nano V4.0
1 x SunFounder Servo Control Board
1 x SunFounder Bluetooth Module
1 x SunFounder Ultrasonic Module
1 x SunFounder Infrared Module
1 x 4-Pin Jumper Wire
1 x 6-Pin Jumper Wire
1 x Mini USB Cable
1 x Riband
6 x Heat Shrink Tubing
2 x Wire Clip
4 x Sponge Bag
1 x Transparent Tape
1 x Shell
1 x Philips Screw Driver

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