Blog Released! 4-In-1 Smart Car Robot Kit for Arduino

Released! 4-In-1 Smart Car Robot Kit for Arduino

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Longing for a robot car which can not only move as most cars do, but also have more other functions? Maybe let it follow a line on the floor, avoid obstacles and bypass them, and seek light. It sounds like a creature, at some point. But we know it's not. Robots are just robots, at least so far. Yet it still can be cool! Controlling this robot you may at times have a feeling that it is alive and can interact with you realistically!

This's how it runs and boasts other functions.




Boards & Modules


Instructions Support

This kit comes with an elaborately-written user manual. For better understanding, in the manual a detailed introduction of the car and the modules or devices on it, thorough descriptions of procedure for assembly and wiring, and interesting experiments with the car are included, which you may find useful and amazing.


First normal movements: running straight forward and backward, turning left and right. The time each type of movement lasts, as well as the turning angle, can be controlled by programming. 


With this kit, you may learn to realize the effects provided already, or further explore functions more by adding other things to the car's basic chassis. It is exciting to have a cool car running, following, tracing or automatically bypassing obstacles!

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Lately, more videos will be published including the introduction and assembly tutorials. For more details like the sketch for control or the user manual, visit LEARN.

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