Blog Novelty! - A Car Robot with Video Transmission

Novelty! - A Car Robot with Video Transmission

 This is how it looks like! – Cute and Cool!

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Another robot this year! People love robots, always. In one way or another, we want to have one, or make and then own one. It's more than just possessing a toy; the fun here is assembling all the parts, making one by yourself!

First, check out the trailer:


So what' new in this robot? To put it simple, you can play with the robot by controlling it running on the floor, in a speed you set (though the speed adjustment has a limit); with the camera onside, you can see what it sees on your computer in a real-time manner – when it comes across with an alien, will you be scared?! Just kidding. But it truly can acquire and then transmit data to your PC simultaneously.


In this kit, an elaborately-written user manual is included. Thorough descriptions of procedure for assembly and wiring with pictures, and brief code explanation and usage instruction are what you may find useful and convenient in the booklet.


This is a learning kit suitable for beginners. The complete code for car control and video acquisition is provided together with the user manual for your better understanding as well as easier learning of making. Thus, you may start from zero and begin your new journey!


For those who are interesting in open source and robotics, this kit is definitely a great one to have.

Then, what's in the kit?

Get lots of components from the neatly-designed box!

Here's the Raspberry Pi Model B+.

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, small-sized and multifunctional microcomputer that you can apply by a keyboard and mouse. In this kit it is used as the core controller, the driver for other components.

Step-down DC-DC Converter, a module which converts the battery output of 7.4V to 5V, to supply the Raspberry Pi and the servos.

      L298N DC Motor Driver                              16-Channel 12-bit PWM Driver as the servo controller

Also it adopts a USB Wi-Fi Adaptor to connect the Raspberry Pi to a Wi-Fi hot spot. Servos and a Gear Reducer are used for the drive parts that move the car.


That's what composes the car robot! After assembly and some software preparations, you may control it on your computer to move at a speed you want. For easy assembly, we've made several tutorial videos for your reference, in which each step of every part connection is demonstrated with details.

You may control the car running at an adjustable speed, for which you may get a glimpse by the video above. And you may see the view it captures on your PC via the MJPG-streamer.


It's time to paint your life with some colorful creative works! Leave your comments or post on our Forum! 

Available at  Smart Video Car Kit for Raspberry Pi Model B+ (Pi Not Included)

Source code and other related materials, visit the car's LEARN page.

For any technical questions, leave a comment below, or post on the FORUM