Blog New! - "Silly" Cute Quadruped Robot for Arduino

New! - "Silly" Cute Quadruped Robot for Arduino

Rollflash is a smart quadruped bionic robot built by acrylic plates. Equipped with IR Module for line following, ultrasonic for obstacle avoidance, and Bluetooth for wireless control. You can explore more interesting functions and bring it to reality by learning!

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To make the open-source community more prosperous and bring more a plenty of fun to hobbyists, our SunFounder Crawling Quadruped Robot Kit for Arduino is released! Now let's check it out!

Here's the robot and the remote controller:


The robot kit is based on Arduino and a rather detailed manual and technical support will be provided for your learning. With this kit, you cannot only learn how to apply Arduino, servo and wireless module, but also build a cool spider-like quadruped robot with wireless remote control. If you want to build your own robot, this kit would be a best start! 

But then, what's in this amazing kit?

Servo Control Board & Remote Controller – control the servos on the legs and remotely make the robot move as you define in the sketch.


☆On both the board and the controller, nRF24L01 – to connect them wirelessly.


☆ SunFounder Nano – to control the movements by sketch. Both the robot and the remote controller have an nRF24L01 for wireless data sending and receiving.


Also the connectors needed and the acrylic plates which form the legs are provided in the kit. All you need to do is assemble the parts following the manual with the sketch downloaded. After all is done, you can have a "silly" cute, or may I say "creepy" cute quadruped robot and you can control it to move or dance by programming. Sounds cool!

What's more amazing is that, you can develop your own sketch to make it move differently from what's it does currently! And during this course, you can learn much about programming. So that's its meaning besides the simple joy.

If you feel making a robot is difficult at the beginning, this kit is EXACTLY the perfect one for you to kick start. With the user manual provided, both printed and PDF versions, you can build the quadruped step by step and upload the code and calibrate its walking.  


For more details about the robot kit and its package, see its trailer introduction

Also assembly tutorials:

Any ideas about the creepy structure, the code, the components, functions, etc., anything you'd like to share, comment below! Or post forums under FORUM if you got any technical questions.