Last month, we asked Ezblock Studio's crowdfunding users about their use of Ezblock's crowdfunding products.

Really appreciate the users who filled in the questionnaire and gave us some feedback and constructive suggestions, which also provided great help for us to carry out targeted iterative optimization of APP and products.

We picked out some of the feedback and representative issues to declare. The statement is as follows:

Q1: I think that the most necessary features needed are debugging.

A: Simple debugger is already there, on the left, there's a remote debugger, which prints out errors and the "print" in your code. For errors, now, it can print out most of the errors, but we are still working into how to properly print out more information wirelessly.

Q2: A "comment" block, with the ability to comment out code (instead of removing it from the main body) would be helpful.

A: There's "comment" function under the long-press menu. Try long-pressing a block, there is a "Disable Block" option there to "comment" the block. We will improve our documentation. For debug problems, please check out our statement for debugging errors out wirelessly.

Q3: Need more hardware and sensor components support for using.

A: More fun modules are on the way. If you have some modules you want to add in, please let us know.

Q4: It could help if get app full work horizontal and also vertical because some buttons not available when use vertical.

A: It is full work horizontal and also vertical. As the vertical mode is not easy to layout as horizontally, most of the buttons are hidden. But totally functional. Also thanks for mentioning it, we will provide more documents or tutorials for different modes.

Q5: Support for 3rd party and custom circuits. C programming. AI and Neural Network support.

A: C is not easy to implement into Ezblock, and we are looking away to add AI support, if you have any suggestion on that, please let us know.

Finally, once again, we would like to thank all of our customers who participated in the survey and all of our customers who supported Sunfounder as we continue to improve our products and services.

For those who have not yet received Ezblock Kit, please contact us at and attach your backer number. We will track your order number to allow you can receive the product as soon as possible. Thank you.