Blog Sunfounder Participated in IoT Things World 2015

Sunfounder Participated in IoT Things World 2015

On May 12 & 13, the Sunfounder Company participated in the 2nd annual Internet of Things World in San Francisco, USA, together with other companies as well as individuals who are interested in the IoT development.

The two-day trip was a great opportunity for us to get a deeper understanding of IoT-related technologies and communicate with people about IoT and also our products. We are really grateful for the Canonical Company, the number-one provider of Ubuntu services, with whom we worked together and successfully developed a snappy app under the Ubuntu Snappy system. We highly appreciate their invitation and offering us a place to demonstrate our amazing products in the event!

Brought by Informa Telecoms & Media, the world’s leading provider of events in the communications market place, Internet of Things World 2015 is the world’s largest and most comprehensive IoT event and there were thousands of attendees, company leaders, and quite a lot of exhibitors participating. In the event, we got amazing briefing on IoT technologies and products and gained insight into the sustainable future of IoT.

On site, we showed our products such as the sensor kit, smart video car for Raspberry Pi, crawling quadruped robot for Arduino, IoT shield for Arduino, etc. Also we provided our company and product information by flyers for anyone interested. Lots of people came by and inquired about our products with great interest, especially in the robot and sensor modules. We had lively and animated discussions and almost spared no time for breaks between the talking in the two days! Sunfounder products and paper materials Sunfouder products Product demonstration Partnership with Ubuntu Around exhibitors Animated talking

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