Blog Welcome to Be Our Product Reviewer!

Welcome to Be Our Product Reviewer!

Welcom to apply for joing in our Facebook Reviewer group:


As a Reviewer of SunFounder products, you will receive the following privileges:

1. You will be the first one to obtain the latest products developed by SunFounder

2. Huge Discounts on great products

3. Amazing FREE product offers on the newest and best products from Amazon

How to Participate

If you're in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, or Spain, you can apply for the reviewing!

We will issue our products to be reviewed irregularly. Due to limited number, it will be closed when all applications are done.

As a Reviewer of SunFounder, you are appreciated to share your true experience and review of the products through publishing quality reviews on Amazon, making unboxing videos or reviewing the products on YouTube.

The specific benefits will be in line with the actually released information.

Welcome to join us!