What is NAS

NAS (Network Attach Storage) is a storage device which can offer file access service to the computer system when connected to the network. This kind of device can be made up from one or more storage devices used to offer files service.

How NAS Works

When connected to the network, NAS will set up a small size network. We can access the files through website browser or mobile APP and we can also use the service provided by NAS. Any device can let you access the shared files only if you enter the right username and the password.


NAS, having super low cost, ultra-high capacity, convenient access, sharing and cooperation, can help to set up the personal networking cloud drive, office shared network and storage system of family video.


Although NAS has super high capacity, it does not mean that you can use it without any limitation. Generally, the upper use limit is 10TB, so you'd better get it worked with the combination of the cloud storage. If you need higher storage capacity, you may consider setting the file server, that means you need higher costs and certain software, also you may have to pay some fees for maintaining the server.


NAS makes it very easy for you to access data, but its backup scheme is not very good. If NAS encounters some physical damage, especially natural disaster, the data will disappear forever. In this regard, we still recommend you to use it with the combination of the cloud storage.


In terms of safety, the attached safety measure of NAS can meet the basic requirement, but you are not recommended to store the especially important files in NAS for it doesn't offer automatic password protection.


NAS has so many apparent advantages (low costs and convenient access...), and if you can accept its some limitation, NAS will be the best choice for your home and the office of small and medium-sized enterprise.

For personal use of NAS system, the price may be an obstacle for you.

So, if you want to have an NAS device for private use, you can try to bulid a OpenMediaVault NAS by using Raspberry Pi. Then you can have a portable NAS by only using a very low cost and a small amount of hardware. Click here to know more.