Blog New Year, New Website!

New Year, New Website!

A brand new now officially ONLINE!

Since established, the company has always attached great importance to customer service. As expanding our business continuously, we've got lots of feedbacks and suggestions from our customers as well as other hobbyists. Under thorough consideration and in-depth discussions, we decided to build a new website so as to provide better service.

After 6-month preparations and constructions, our new website is finally online! It not only boasts beautiful page and overall layout, better program development, and improved contents, but also enhanced operations and safety assurance.

SHOP – New shopping place, perfect browsing and shopping experience

LEARN – More convenient and clearer tutorials with codedownload

FORUM – Enhanced functions for posting with image and video upload

BLOG – More elegant page and comfortable design

VIDEO – Comparatively logical layout, so you can locate and watch the videos easily

WIKI – Based on the powerful MediaWiki platform, favorable for completing the data bank


About Membership

For the new website, the server has been changed. Due to technical reasons, the materials of existing registered users cannot be transferred to the new server. Therefore, your original registration information cannot apply on our new website. You may need to sign up again for a new account. For the inconvenience, we feel deeply sorry. Appreciate your understanding!


In the future, we SunFounder, who is committed to delivering premium customer experience, will keep improving our website and service. Also we embrace more feedbacks from all of you!