Stuck at home under quarantined situation. Getting annoyed by cabin fever and don't know what to do during this social distancing challenge? FInished binging on most of the TV shows and have nothing fun to do? We at SunFounder have come up with a perfect DIY to fight the COVID-19. Stay safe and enjoy along with your family in a cool way.

As we all know, the COVID-19 is contagious. How can we avoid being affected by contacting others? A simple, 7 step Handsfree Sanitizer to keep you 99.99% germ-free and help you fight coronavirus like a champ.

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi (You can use RPi 4B, 3B+ or 3B) x 1

Ezblock Pi Board x 1

Ultrasonic Sensor Module x 1

Servo x 2

Tape x 1

Sewing Thread x 1

Glue Gun x 1

Disinfectant x 1

Apps Used

Once you have assembled all the bits and pieces, let's move on the to step by step project building.

Step 1: Create a new project.

Go to the home page of Ezblock Studio and click the Products button in the top right corner of the page and then you will enter the product selection page.

Choose the product under Kits category: SensorKit for Pi.

Then select the programming environment, Block.

Click the New Project button on the left side of main page to create a new project.

Then input the project name.

Step 2: Build the Circuit.

After creating a new project, click on the Simulation icon on the left side of the page to enter the Simulation page.

Drag the 2 Servo and 1 ultrasonic sensor module to the right area. DO NOT close the Ezblock APP, and you will need to use it in later steps.

Note: You can click the + icon in the bottom left corner to unfold the module category.

Step 3: Hardware Connection

Plug the Ezblcok Pi into the Raspberry Pi , then follow the circuit in the Step 2 to connect the hardwares, finally power the Raspberry Pi.

Step 4: Program

Back to the Ezblock APP, then program according to the figure below. You can find the block you need in the Logic, Math and Raspberry Pi categories.

Note: Click the Settings icon in the upper left corner of the if do block, place the else block below the if block to convert to the if do else block.

Step 5:Connect Bluetooth & Flash Code

Click the Bluetooth connection button on the left function area. Then, in device select prompt, choose your device and click on Done, waiting for "Connected" to appear.

In case of cross connection between several Raspberry Pi boards, Ezblock Pi decrease its Bluetooth signal strength while it is being connected. You need to put it as close as possible to your device. As long as they are connected, the signal strength will be normal.

After the connection is done, click the Flash button to compile and download the code to the Raspberry Pi.

Step 6: Check the Result

Place your hand above the ultrasonic sensor module and you will see the servo rocker arm rotate, indicating that there is no problem with the code.

Step 7: Fix the servos

Before you fix the servos to the two side of the disinfectant bottle, you need to connect the the servos together via the sewing thread.

Note: You need to fix the rocker arm into the servo with the smallest screws in the servo package.

And that's all. Simple, effective and life saving Project. So go on, make one yourself.

Team SunFounder