GPIO Breakout Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi



The Raspberry Pi has landed on the Maker World as a 40-GPIO pinned, quad-USB ported, credit card sized bomb of DIY joy. And while you can use most of our great Model B accessories by hooking up our 40pin ribbon cable, it's probably a good time to upgrade your set-up and accessorize using all of the 40 pins.
That's why we now carry the Pi GPIO-T Plus board +  40pin Ribbon cable for Raspberry Pi. The Pi GPIO-T Plus is an add on prototyping board specifically designed for the 2x20 connector-type Raspberry Pi, and can break out all those tasty power, GPIO, I2C and SPI pins from the 40-pin header onto a solderless breadboard. This set will make "cobbling together" prototypes with the Pi super easy.
Designed for use with any 2x20 connector Raspberry Pi.  No soldering required!

  • Applying to Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B/2B/1 B+/A+/Zero/Zero W
  • 73mm x 20mm x 11mm / 2.9" x 0.8" x 0.4"
  • Height with pins: 19mm / 0.8"
  • Width at top of T: 58mm / 2.3"
  • Weight: 14g
Package List
  • GPIO-T Plus Board x 1
  • 40pin Ribbon Cable x 1
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