Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor

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Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor

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Product Description


1. Increased ranging distance to 7m, providing stable signal within 5m, and gradually faded signal outside 5m till disappearing at 7m position.
2. Uses IO trigger for ranging, generating high level signal of at least 10us.
3. Operating voltage: 5V; Working current: 16mA.
4. Equipped with anti-reverse pin socket – making the wiring much tighter and convenient; 4-pin anti-reverse cable also included.
5. Uses the MCU STC15W104 which has a built-in clock, no need of external crystal oscillator.

The SunFounder HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Ranging module includes an ultrasonic transmitter, receiver and circuits. It has 4 pins: VCC, TRIG, ECHO and GND. The anti-reverse pin header onside makes it easy to connect and apply.
As for the ranging principle, it is quite simple to understand: pull up the pin Trig to High thus providing high level signals of at least 10us, so the module starts to detect and measure the distance; if an object is detected, the ECHO pin will be High, and the duration of it being High depends on the distance detected, thus giving the distance calculation formula: Distance = Duration of High ECHO * Speed of sound (340m/s)/2.
For more details, visit https://www.sunfounder.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ultrasonic_Module

Operating voltage: 5V
Working current: 16mA.
Weight: 90g;
Dimensions: 46 x 20.5 x 19.5 mm (thickness of anti-reverse pin socket included)

Component List
2 x HC-SR04
2 x 4-Pin anti-reverse cable

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor
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Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

Avevo bisogno di un sensore di distanza economico e affidabile, ho così provato i classici sensori IR ma li ho trovati imprecisi ed inaccurati! Sono passato al sensore US e sono molto soddisfatto, estremamente preciso e accurato. Facile da montare e ben costruito, ideale per smanettoni!!
Review by Michele / (Posted on 7/7/2016)
Nulla da dire sulla spedizione e l'imballo, sufficienti.
Testati con Arduino Mega funzionano, anche se devo capire bene come ottimizzarne la risposta, in quanto a vuoto sfarfallano un pò troppo. Probabilmente i due occhi devono essere in qualche modo schermati.
Il prezzo direi che è ottimo rispetto altri fornitori..
Review by md9327 / (Posted on 7/6/2016)
Review by Gary / (Posted on 6/29/2016)
It works great and has pretty good range.
Awesome. Once this arrived it took me 10 minutes to finish my first robot.
Review by random / (Posted on 5/24/2016)
As for the accuracy, it seems to only be slightly less accurate then the Parallax Ping Ultrasonic Range Sensor. I got both to test them out. These are pretty great for the price. Give em a try.
These guys are working pretty well. Sometimes their are some connection errors, but it may be human error. I do not have proper connection pins for these guys and can't always tell if they are properly wired. They work well when they work though.
Review by MrMe / (Posted on 5/10/2016)
My four year old daughter thinks the thing is like Wall-E, which, of course, makes me super happy
I'm using this with a raspberry pi on for a rover and they work excellently. Incredibly easy to program for and accurate as well. They are well made, and don't have the awful solder joints I've seen on other inexpensive products with through the hole components. I would recommend this to anyone doing a raspberry pi or Arduino project requiring range-finding or distance measurement for large enough objects. Plus I love the fact that it gives my rover that quality of having "eyes" to make it a little more animal like.
Review by Michael D. Messmore / (Posted on 5/10/2016)