SunFounder Raspberry Pi Smart Video Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi

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    About the PiCar-X:

  • SunFounder PiCar-X is an AI self-driving robot car that uses Raspberry Pi as its control center. Visual Programming Web Control is available for the Raspberry Pi 4B 3B+ 3B.
  • As the driving module, the SunFounder-designed Robot HAT for Raspberry Pi integrates the motor driving, servo driving, and preset ADC, PWM, and digital pins for you to extend the functionality. There is already a speaker in the Robot HAT to facilitate TTS (Text-to-Speech), sound effects, background music, etc.
  • The Robot car kit is open source, providing schematics, structure diagrams, and source code. All information is available in one online tutorial:
2-PiCar-X A+小图(AI Detection).jpg__PID:8f15a1b4-7dd1-400a-b829-0aef9ec11431

AI Detection

Through its camera, the car can detect faces, colors (6) and QR codes, as well as trained hand gestures and traffic signs.

3-PiCar-X A+小图(Objects Recognition).jpg__PID:9ec11431-47ae-4a26-9986-8d8b6d1f1188

Objects Recognition

PiCar-X can also recognize nearly 90 different objects which are the trained models from Tensorflow.

4-PiCar-X A+小图 (Obstacle Avoidance).jpg__PID:89e62385-a487-4d83-bb8a-125f031a5f9f

Obstacle Avoidance

Using an ultrasonic module, PiCar-X can see obstacles ahead and avoid them easily.

5-PiCar-X A+小图(Cliff Detection).jpg__PID:2385a487-ed83-4b8a-925f-031a5f9f2987

Cliff Detection

Even if you put PiCar-X on a high desktop, you don't have to worry about it falling off.

6-PiCar-X A+小图(Music Mode).jpg__PID:8d8b6d1f-1188-49f9-96b6-0fc3b5902f93

Music Mode

The car has a speaker for TTS (Text-to-Speech), sound effects, and background music to bring you a good mood.

7-PiCar-X A+小图(Python & Blockly Programming).jpg__PID:8b6d1f11-88f9-4916-b60f-c3b5902f93ab

Python & Blockly Programming

You can delve into each feature using Python or use a Blockly-based app for quick play.