SunFounder Crawling Quadruped Robot Kit for Arduino

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The kit uses the SunFounder Nano board as control. A SunFounder Servo Control Board integrates battery, servo, Nano board, and nRF24l01 wireless modules together. This kit is equipped with a SunFounder Mobile Robot Remote Controller so that you can observe and control the robot remotely.

Note: The materials are not provided with a CD anymore. You may find them at 

  • This is the Crawling Quadruped Robot Kit for Arduino. It includes everything you need to build a cool crawling quadruped robot with wireless remote control.
  • Powered by two 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries, it's a four-leg mobile robot and each leg has three joints driven by servos.
  • This kit is also equipped with a remote controller so that you can observe and control the robot remotely.
  • With the sample sketches provided, you can make the robot move forward, backward, left, and right or dance by remote control.
  • You can also make your own sketch to realize different movements.
Package List
  • Acrylic Plates x 1 pack
  • Calibration Chart x 1
  • Threaded Fasteners x 1 pack
  • nRF24l01 Module x 2
  • SunFounder Nano Board x 2
  • SunFounder Mobile Robot Remote Controller x 1
  • SunFounder Servo Control Board x 1
  • dual 18650 Battery Holder x 2
  • EMAX ES08AⅡ Analog Servo x 12
  • USB Data Cable x 1
  • Wire Harness Tube (80cm) x 1
  • Ribbon (50cm) x 1
  • Screwdriver x 1
Self-provided Parts
  • 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (3.7V) without protection circuit board x 4
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