GY-30 BH1750FVI Digital Light Intensity Measuring Module

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BH1750FVI is a digital Ambient Light intensity Sensor IC for I2 C bus interface, and this kind of IC can adjust the background light of LCD and keyboard according to the intensity data of the collected light. It is possible to detect a wide range of changes of light intensity with high resolution. (1lx-65535lx)


Mobile phone, LCD TV, Note PC, Portable game machine, Digital camera, Digital video camera, Car navigation, PDA, LCD display.


  • I2C BI (f / s mode supporting)
  • Spectral responsibility close to human eye distinguish
  • Luminance to digital converter
  • Wide range and high resolution (1 - 65535 lx)
  • Low current by power down function
  • 50Hz / 60Hz Light noise reject-function
  • 1.8V Logic input interface
  • no need of any exterior component
  • Dependency on the light source is little (ex. incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp, white LED, Sun Light)
  • 10. It is possible to select 2 types of I2 C slave-address
  • 11.Adjustable measurement result for the influence of optical window
  • (It is possible to detect min. 0.11lx, max. 100000lx by using this function.)
  • 12.Small measurement variation (+/- 20%)
  • 13. The influence of infrared is very small

Package List

  • Digital Light Intensity Measuring Module (GY-30) x 1
  • 5pin Header x 1
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