Ezblock Pi Basic Kit for Raspberry Pi

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Basic Kit is a programming learning kit that fits young beginners well. It contains a variety of basic electronic components, as well as 10 pre-cut Cartoon papers to help you quickly master programming in relaxed experiments.
There are 15 courses (if plus Basic Operation, then we get 16) in this document to get you started, five of which will guide you through the most basic functions, including digital input and output, Analog output, PWM output, Bluetooth control and IoT. And this knowledge will pave the way for you to implement complex projects.
Having mastered the basic skills, you can continue to conduct the following 10 advanced experiments, in which simple and interesting usage scenarios are designed. In order to render the experiment more enjoyable, you are suggested to use pre-cut Cartoon Paper.
If you come up with more interesting ideas or get cool functions while you are conducting experiments, you are welcomed to share your findings on our Forum then!


  • EASY CODING—Step-by-step instructions based on a visual programming app-Ezblock Studio for your program learning.
  • BECOME A CREATOR—15 interesting courses materialize your ideas instantly.
  • PRE-CUT CARTOON PAPER—10 pre-cut cartoon papers bring joy to your experiment.
  • IOT FUNCTION—You can create a smart home system to monitor the temperature, light, and other factors in your home to your liking.
Package List
  • Raspberry Pi case x 1
  • Ezblock Pi x 1
  • Buttons x 8
  • Button Caps x 8
  • Buzzer x 1
  • Resistor(220R) x 10
  • Resistor(10K) x 10
  • Resistor(1K) x 10
  • Resistance (1M) x 10
  • Potentiometer (10K) x 1
  • Yellow LED x 5
  • Green LED x 5
  • Red LED x 5
  • Blue LED x 5
  • 170 points breadboard x 1  
  • 400 points breadboard x 1
  • RGB LED x 1
  • Motor (small, 3V) x 1
  • L293D x 1
  • Thermistor x 1
  • Photoresistor x 1
  • Fan x 1
  • Servo x 1
  • Microphone x 1
  • 100nF Capacitor x 4
  • S8050 Transistor x 4
  • M2*6 Screws x 6
  • M2*11+5 single pass copper column x 6
  • Jump Wire x 30
  • 3M Double-sided TapeRaspberry Pi case x 1
  • Conductive Tape(15CM)Raspberry Pi case x 1
  • One set of Pre-cut Cartoon Paper x 1
  • User Manual x 1


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