GY- PAJ7620U2 Gesture Recognition Sensor Module

GY- PAJ7620U2 Gesture Recognition Sensor Module

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PAJ7620U2 integrates the gesture recognition function and general purpose I2C interface into a single chip. PAJ7620U2 has built-in proximity sensing function that is used to detect the approaching or leaving objects. The gesture information can be easily accessed by using the I2C bus.


  • Typical supply voltage ranges from 2.8V to 3.3V and I/O voltage is 1.8V~3.3V
  • Nine gesture recognition (Up / Down / Left / Right / Push / Pull / CW / CCW / Wave)
  • Gesture speed is from 60°/s to 600°/s in Normal Mode and 60°/s to 1200°/s in Gaming Mode
  • Ambient light immunity: < 100k Lux
  • Built-in proximity detection
  • Flexible power-saving scheme
  • I2C interface up to 400 kbit/s, Pull-up voltage from 1.8V to 3.3V
  • Ambient light noise cancellation

Package Included

1 x Gesture Recognition Sensor Module
1 X 5pin Header

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accurate and easy to set up. By Norman 2019-12-16 03:36:13

The project worked exactly as expected. Tracking clockwise / counterclockwise motion is a bit of a hassle, but tracking left / right / up / down / forward / backward / wave is difficult. The most difficult part of making this setup is welding, which is still easy. Installed and run it on my Raspberry Pi for an hour.

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