SunFounder SF-888D SMD Solder Soldering Digital Temperature Display Hot Air Gun

SunFounder SF-888D SMD Solder Soldering Digital Temperature Display Hot Air Gun

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Product Description


1.HEAT UP QUICKLY - Zero-cross triggering temperature control of microcomputer with rapid rise of temperature and is accurate and stable. It will reach the set temperature within 10 seconds.
2.ADJUSTABLE AIR AND TEMPERATURE - Adjustable airflow (1-8) of large and soft. Easy adjustment of temperature(100℃-500℃) suitable for multiple usages.
3.DIGITAL TEMPERATURE DISPLAY - The temperature of the hot air gun will be displayed for you to control it more convenient.
4.HANDLE SENSOR SWITCH - The system will turn into the working mode while the hand is holding; and the system will standby while the handle is put on the holder, which is very convenient for operation.
5.AUTOMATIC COOLING FUNCTION – It is safe for users and helpful to effectively prolong the heater's life and protect the hot air gun.

Product Description
1. Closed circuit sensor, microcomputer zero-cross soft touch temperature control with LED visual display. It is in high power and temperature rising is rapid, accurate and stable.
2. Adjustable airflow for both large and soft. It is an easy adjustment and suitable for multiple usages.
3.Sensor switch equipped with a handle, the system will turn into working mode while the hand is holding and will standby if put it on a holder. It is very convenient for operation.
4.Automatic cooling function of the system will prolong the life of the heating element and protect the hot air gun.
5.Brushless fan with long service life and low noise; a high quality heating element with good quality heating wire and double efficiency at the same power will prolong its life and save energy.

1.Suitable for unsoldering multiple components, such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc (especially for flat cables and cable connectors).
2. Shrinking, Paint drying, Adhesive removal, Thawing, Warming, Plastic welding.

Power supply voltage: AC110V±10%60Hz/AC220V~240V50Hz
Power consumption: 650 W ±10%
Type of airflow: Brushless fan with soft air
Amount of airflow: 120 L per minute (Max)
Adjustable temperature range: 100℃-500℃
Type of display: Microcomputer digital LED
Component length of handle: ≤120 cm
Net weight: 1.55 kg
Noise: <45 dB
Work environment: 0~40℃
Storage environment: -20~80℃
Storage humidity: 35%~45%

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