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About GUI

Before opening the GUI, you need to install JAVA on your computer. If not, when you click the .exe file for the GUI, the window will appear “This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.7.0_40”. So please first download JAVA at .

Open SUNFOUNDER_GROUND_CONTROL_STATION.exe, and you can see the main interface of the configuration software, which is to check and change the parameters of the aircraft. The four tabs in the red frame are the main menu functions.


SETUP Interface                                                                          

There're four interfaces in the software: SETUP, PID, RECEIVER and DATA.



Setup Interface:

1)     In Red Frame: To show the serial port number of the aircraft

2)     In Green Frame: To start the communication between the aircraft and the GUI. The detailed tutorials are in later part.

3)     In Blue Frame: To change the baud rate of the serial port.

4)     In Orange Frame: To show the aircraft’s roll, pitch, yaw angles and flying direction

5)     In Pink Frame: To show the aircraft’s flight performance in real time

6)     In Black Frame: To show the present time.

7)     In Purple Frame: To calibrate the accelerometer.

PID Interface                                                                          

The main area in the red frame is to modify the aircraft parameters and configure the aircraft. When the aircraft is connected to the GUI successfully, it will show the present mode, and the channel states of AUX1, AUX2, AUX3, and AUX4.


RECEIVER Interface                                                                    

In the receiver interface, two parts are included: the red frame area is SunFounder website, forum, and WiKi, for you visit the page by direct clicking.

In the orange frame, we can see the channels of the transmitter. After it's well connected to PC, we can see the value changes when you pull the corresponding lever. Thus we can make sure whether the transmitter and the receiver communicate well.


DATA Interface                                                                       

This interface is to show the parameters of the attitude for the aircraft. Thus we can check whether the transmission and sensor work normally or not. Those curves in different colors in red frame are corresponding to the values in the left. And we can also adjust the two axes to change the display scale by the scale in the blue frame.

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