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Check the Flight Mode

Click Flight Switch Mode. There are three flight modes usually:

1)     Stabilized 1: Self-stabilization. In this mode, you can only control the throttle to fly the aircraft. This mode is suitable for beginners.

2)     Stabilized 2: Semi-self-stabilization. In this mode, you can control the channel of YAW and Thrust to adjust horizontal direction and throttle.

3)     Stabilized 3: Manual. In this mode, the Roll, Pitch, Yaw, and Thrust channel can all be controlled, which may be not so easy to operate.


Move the aux channel for flight mode setting, and you can see the Slider is toggled to the corresponding position (Pos. 1Pos. 2Pos. 3…). For beginners, DO select Pos. 1. You can try Pos. 2 or higher level when you've mastered the basic control and can handle higher ones.

Note: The figure below is to show you that you can move the aux channel to select the flight mode, which does NOT mean to select Pos. 2. For beginners, please select Pos. 1.


Click Save.

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