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Installing the Ground Control Station (GCS)

Go to WIKI on our website -> Drones/Model Aircrafts -> CC3D -> SunFounder 250 or Q250 or SunFounder 250+Radiolink T8FB Remote Controller(Assembled), Find Related links at the bottom of the page.


Here we take OpenPilot as an example, but you can also use LibrePilot instead. Check the installation steps below:

Open the GCS installer file downloaded and take these steps:

  1. Choose a language from the drop-down list on the first page, then click OK. (You can cancel installation at any point by clicking Cancel.)
  2. The OpenPilot Welcome screen appears. Click Next.
  3. Review the conditions of the license agreement and then click I Agree to accept the terms.
  4. You can select which components to install in the Choose Components dialog box. Click Next to accept the default selections.
  5. Click finish to complete the installation


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