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Plug in the CC3D Flight Control

Connect the CC3D flight controller to computer with the Micro USB Cable included, and you can see the Power LED lights up and stay brighten constantly, while the Status LED blinks. The driver installation will take some minutes; a reminder of failing to install may pop up as shown below, and you can just ignore it - the installation result in Device Manager shall prevail.


Open Device Manager. If you see CopterControl Virtual COM Port (COMxx) (the number depends on your actual situation), it indicates the flight controller has been recognized by the computer.


If you see the CopterControl with a yellow exclamation markin Other devices:


There are two possibilities:

1) Openpilot or LibrePilot GCS is not installed yet;

2) The driver failed to install.

Right-click CopterControl, and click Update Driver Software…


Select Browse my computer for driver software.


Click Browse to enter the installation path of OpenPilot (or LibrePilot), and select the driver folder, then click Next.


When the installation is all done, click close to exit. Then you can see the flight controller has been recognized by the computer.


Later during the application, sometimes it may happen that the device cannot be recognized. Don’t worry, just try to replug the USB cable, or reburn the firmware.

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