Lightseeking Sensor Module

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The Light Sensor module can be used in a smart car for the experiment about light seeking. Since the resistance of a photoresistor decreases with strong light, the car can be controlled to move based on the resistance change, that is, to seek the light and follow it. Also, the light intensity can be reflected by the LED bar on the module.
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  • A light sensor module consisting of a photoresistor, LED bar, 74HC595, and resistor, that can detect light and reflect the intensity by the LED bar on it.
  • The on and off of the LED bar is controlled by 74HC595; the photoresistor is connected to pin A.
  • Standard double-sided printed circuit board, a 3-mm hole in the middle at one side for fixing.
  • Working voltage: 5V.
  • PCB size: 1.9 x 4.9 cm.


Auto light-seeking smart car

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  • Lightseeking module x 1
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