PiMobile-Smart Car Kit for Raspberry Pi Based on Ezblock

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PiMobile Car—Smart Car Kit for Raspberry Pi is a kit designed in accordance with the needs of young beginners that is suitable for Ezblock studio well.
We offer 5 basic courses (including Basic Operation of Ezblock APP and so on) and 4 advanced courses, which are conducive to learning the application knowledge of various mechanical structures and electronic modules and mastering the basic knowledge of block-based programming.
PiMobile car is equipped with these basic functions, including remote control, line-following, obstacle avoidance and so on. You can also add other modules to make your car smarter by plugging them into the ports, containing PWM ports, ADC ports, DIGITAL ports, I2C ports, and so on.
If you come up with more interesting ideas or get cool functions while you are conducting experiments, you are welcomed to share your findings on our Forum then!


  • STEAM LEARNING KIT—Perfect choice for beginners to learn about robotics, electronics, program, and so on.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS—Line following, obstacle avoidance, and remote control functions are included with this kit.
  • 91 PAGE HANDBOOK—Provide a handbook to guide you from assembling to having the car run.
  • COOL RACING CAR—It can cater to your needs with its handsome airy body and flexible posture.
Package List
  • M1 x 8mm screws x 6
  • M3 x 8mm screws x 6
  • M3 x 8mm screws x 4
  • M3x28mm screws x 6
  • M2.5x6mm screws x 10
  • M1.4 nut x 6
  • M3 nut x 14
  • M3 x 30mm nylon column x 6
  • M2.5 x 11mm nylon column x 6
  • M2.5x8+6mm single pass nylon column x 6
  • Universal Wheel x 1
  • Robot HAT x 1
  • Ultrasonic Module x 1
  • Line Following Module x 1
  • Battery Case x 1
  • TT Motor x 2
  • 10cm Sprial Wire Warp x 1
  • 4-Pin Anti-reverse x 2
  • Phillips screwdriver x 1
  • One set of Classis x 1
  • Wheels x 2
  • User Manual x 1
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