SunFounder PiPlus STEM Kit for Raspberry Pi PiPlus

SunFounder PiPlus STEM Kit for Raspberry Pi

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    SunFounder PiPlus STEM Kit for Raspberry Pi

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Product Description


Technical Details
PiPlus is an interesting kit based on Raspberry Pi. Consisting of a few shields and several modules, it needs no wiring and you can just plug and program to play it. Together with the easy-to-use SunFounder_PiPlus Package for Python, the kit makes it simplest to learn, develop and test program.
Multiple example sketches are provided for the kit, so you can play them with fun. The code is well organized with detailed comments for better understanding. Also you may make your own code to fit extra modules, as long as you make them suit for the PiPlus Shield. Welcome to share with us your creative works with this kit!
Related Materials:
For more information about the syntax of Python and RPi.GPIO functions, see Python Wiki at
RPi.GPIO Package SourceForge page by this link:
For any questions, suggestions, or ideas about our modules and software package, welcome to email us Or pull a request to our repository on GitHub:

Package included:
6 x M2.5*6 Screw
6 x M2.5*10 Copper Standoff
6 x M2.5*6 Single-head Copper Standoff
6 x M2.5*11 Single-head Copper Standoff
6 x M2.5*25 Single-head Copper Standoff
1 x Plus Carrier
1 x Plus Shield
1 x Plus Power
1 x Plus LCD1602
1 x Acrylic Lid
1 x Plus Buttons
1 x Plus RGB LED
1 x Plus LED Ring
1 x Plus LED Bar Graph
1 x Plus Buzzer
1 x Plus Rotary Encoder
1 x Plus Slide
1 x Potentiometers
1 x Plus Photoresistor
1 x Plus Joystick
1 x Plus Sound Sensor
1 x Plus Motion Sensor
2 x Plus Connector
1 x Plus DS18B20
1 x USB Cable

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name SunFounder PiPlus STEM Kit for Raspberry Pi
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