GY-302 BH1750 Digital Light Intensity Module (2 pack)

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BH1750FVI is a digital Ambient Light Sensor IC for I2C bus interface. This IC is the most suitable to receive the ambient light data for adjusting LCD and Keypad backlight power of the Mobile phone. It is possible to detect a wide range at High resolution.(1 – 65535 lx)


  • Direct digital output, omit complex calculations and calibration;
  • No ambient light distinction;
  • Dichroism close to visual sensitivity;
  • High precision determination accurate to 1 Lu for different lights.


  • Type: GY-302;
  • Size: 13.9mm x 18.5mm;
  • ROHM original package BH1750FVI chip;
  • Power Supply: 3~5V;
  • Date Range: 0~65535;
  • Sensor built-in 16-bit AD converter;

Package List

  • Digital Light Intensity Module GY-302 x 2
  • 5pin Header x 2
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