GY-8511 Ultraviolet Rays Sensor Breakout Test Module

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The ML8511 is a UV sensor, which is suitable for acquiring UV intensity indoors or outdoors. The sensor IC applies SOI-CMOS technology so it is widely used in digital circuits and analogue circuits. According to the principle that photocurrent can be converted into a voltage, the sensor can detect the UV intensity so it is a good choice for using in an external circuit. ML8511 can output analogue voltage that is proportional to UV intensity.


Photodiode sensitive to UV-A and UV-B
Embedded operational amplifier
Analog voltage output
Low supply current (300A type.) and low standby current (0.1A type.)
Small and thin surface-mount package (4.0mm x 3.7mm x 0.73mm, 12-pin ceramic QFN)

Package List

  • Ultraviolet Rays Sensor Module x 1
  • 5pin Header x 1
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