MPU-6050 Module (Triaxial Accelerometer + Gyroscope)

MPU-6050 Module (Triaxial Accelerometer + Gyroscope)

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MPU-6050 is a 6-axis motion processing sensor that integrates MEMS Gyroscope, triaxial MEMS accelerometer and an extensible digital motion processor (DMP). With I2C port, you can get your device connected with a third-party digital sensor, like magnetometer. Extension finished, a 9-axis signal is output through I2C or SPI port (SPI only applies to MPU-6000). MPU-6050 can be attached to a noninertial digital sensor through I2C port, such as pressure sensor.


1.MPU-6050 Module (Triaxial Accelerometer + Gyroscope);
2.Used Chip: MPU-6050;
3.Power Supply: 3.3~5V (internal low-dropout voltage);
4.Communication Mode: Standard IIC;
5.A build-in 16-bit AD converter in chip, 16-bit output;
6.Gyroscope Rotation Range: ±250 500 1000 2000 °/s;
7.Acceleration Range: ±2±4±8±16g;
8.Gold plating PCB, machine welding technology, superb technique and reliably quality guarantee!
9.Lead Pitch: 2.54mm.

Package Included

1 x MPU-6050 Module
2 x 8-pin header

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Works as expected. By Louis R 2019-12-13 10:07:17

I initially thought that soldering the pins to this board would be a pain but surprisingly it was easy to do. I am glad that it came with both straight and 90 degree header pins making it flexible for any configuration.

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