Speed Measuring Sensor Module

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The speed measuring module is usually used on smart cars and it is equipped with slot type photoelectric sensors. The module outputs high-level signals as soon as the non-transparent material goes through the slot. Due to the application of a Schmitt trigger, the signal can be stable after the pulse getting debounce. Moreover, the module is commonly used in the measurement of the rotation speed of the car and the distance to the obstacle.


  • Chip: 74HC14D;
  • Working Voltage: 3.3V ~5V;
  • Output Mode: Digital Output Signal (Pulse Signal);
  • Detection Mode: Infrared Signal Interrupt;
  • Detection Signal: Obstacles detected, high level is output; nothing is detected or the obstacle is out of the detection range, low level is output.
  • Status indicator: Turn off when the ray is interrupted; otherwise, turn on.

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  • Speed Measuring Sensor Module x 1
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