TCRT5000 Line-Following Tracking Sensor Module

TCRT5000 Line-Following Tracking Sensor Module

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The TCRT5000 Infrared photoelectric switch adopts a high transmit power infrared photodiode and a highly sensitive phototransistor. It works by applying the principle of objects' reflecting IR light—the light is emitted, then reflected, and sensed by the synchronous circuit. The infrared-emitting diode of TCRT5000 sensor continuously emits infrared ray. When the emitted infrared ray isn’t reflected back or the intensity of the reflected ray is not high enough, infrared light-receiving diode is off and the module outputs high-level signals with the indicator lights on the module turning off. Otherwise, infrared light-receiving diode is on and the module outputs low-level signals with the indicator lights on the module turning on.

1.Applies TCRT5000 infrared reflection sensor;
2.Reflection Distance: 1mm~25mm;
3.Comparator Output, clean signal, standard wave form, strong driving ability, above 15mA;
4.Potentiometer is available to adjust the sensitivity;
5.Working Voltage: 3.3V~5V;
6.Output Mode: Digital Switching Output(0 and 1);
7.With mounting holes;
8.Small PCB Size: 3.2cm x 1.4cm;
9.Applies wide voltage LM393 Comparator.

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1 x Line-Following Module.

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Great Sensor By Walter 2019-12-17 04:05:04

Nicely assembled and convenient to use various projects like line follower, obstacle avoiding robot etc.

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