YS-04 DC-DC BUCK +5V USB Charging Module

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Having been electrified, the module can detect the voltage in real-time. When you need to charge your digital products, like mobile phones, Ipad, MP3, and so on, you can touch the sw2 button slightly. Meanwhile, the USB power LED lights up and the USB voltage output is 5.0V. Once you need to turn off the 7-segment display, press the sw1 button softly and the module will be in the standby mode with ultra-low power consumption. And the USB output stops.

  • Measurement Range of Voltmeter: DC4.5~40V;
  • Output Current: 5V/2A (with the input voltage ranging within 6.5~40V, the device can output the 5.0V voltage stably.)
  • Eout button for controlling the USB output, the low power button for setting the standby mode.
  • The onboard voltmeter has self-calibration with high accuracy.
  • Coming with reverse polarity protection;
  • Provided OCP and OTP;
  • Having USB power LED;
  • Set connecting terminal for wiring;
  • high efficiency, low ripple;
  • Module Size: 58mm x 21mm x 10mm
  • Weight: 13g.
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