SunFounder 4x4 16 Keys Matrix Keypad for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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The 4*4 matrix keypad usually is used as input in a project. It has 16 keys in total, which means the same input values.
The SunFouner 4*4 Matrix Keypad Module is a matrix non- encoded keypad consisting of 16 keys in parallel. The keys of each row and column are connected through the pins outside – pin Y1-Y4 as labeled beside control the rows, when X1-X4, the columns.

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  • A 4x4 matrix keypad module with up to 16 keys. 
  • PCB size: 5.2 x 7.35 cm. 
  • Convenient and easy to use. 
  • Suitable to apply in projects for MCU expansion board control. 
  • Standard double-sided printed circuit board, 3-mm holes at two corners for easy fixing. 

Package List

  • 4x4 keypad module (wire not included) x 1 

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