Barometer-BMP180 Module

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The BMP180 is the function compatible successor of the BMP085, a new generation of high precision digital pressure sensors for consumer applications.
The ultra-low power, low voltage electronics of the BMP180 is optimized for use in mobile phones, PDAs, GPS navigation devices, and outdoor equipment. With a low altitude noise of merely 0.25m at fast conversion time, the BMP180 offers superior performance. The I2C interface allows for easy system integration with a microcontroller.
The BMP180 is based on piezo-resistive technology for EMC robustness, high accuracy, and linearity as well as long term stability.
The BMP180 chip only accepts 1.8V to 3.6V input voltage, It contains a built-in stabilivolt (3.3V), thus being able to work under 5V. Therefore, it can be used on Arduino without any debugging.

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  • BMP180 is a high-precision, small-sized and ultra-low-power barometer. It is applicable to mobile devices. 
  • It contains a built-in stabilivolt (3.3V), thus being able to work under 5V.
  • PCB size: 2.3 x 2.3 cm.
  • Excellent performance. Its absolute accuracy can be down to 0.03 hPa. Ultra low power consumption as 3μA.
  • Pressure range: 300~1100hPa (9000 to 500 meters elevation)
  • With temperature output and an I2C bus.
  • Barometer-BMP180 modulex 1 
  • 4-Pin anti-reverse cable x 1