SunFounder Humanoid Robot BBC micro:slothbit

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Sloth: bit is a programmable biped robot powered by BBC micro: bit. With the Visual programming from the micro: bit APP, sloth: bit can be very easy to program and play. Visual programming can be applied on a pad or cellphone; also, when downloading process, it can be complete by Bluetooth without cables.
Different types of sensors are equipped with sloth: bit robot. The micro: bit board is attached with acceleration, terrestrial magnetism, and temperature sensor, infrared obstacle avoidance, and voice sensor is also attached inside.
sloth: bit robot also has reserved several extensibility interfaces. Users can DIY hardware if needed and it is convenient for modifying and extending functions.

Note: The User Manual is not included in this kit, for the PDF User Manual, please refer to

  • MICRO: BIT - BBC micro: bit micro-controller with motion detection, compass, LED display, and Bluetooth.
  • APP PROGRAMMING - Visual programming can be completed by the micro: bit APP on iPad, tablet or cellphone
  • Obstacle Avoidance - Automatically bypass obstacles ahead, it is intelligent enough.
  • SOUND SENSOR - Controlled the sloth: bit by clapping your hands or sounds from other actions.
  • FUNNY PLAY - Sloth: bit can be very easy to program and play with the BBC micro: bit.
Package List
  • BBC micro:bit x 1
  • Sloth: bit Driver Module x1
  • 9g Servos x 4
  • Acrylic Plates x1 set
  • M1.2x4 Self-tapping Screws x 10
  • M2*8 Screws x 1
  • M3*10 Screws x 6
  • M3*8 Screws x 6
  • M3*6 Screws x 6
  • M2 Nuts x 10
  • M3 Nuts x 14
  • M3*6+6 Copper Standoffs x 6
  • φ3*φ8*4 Band Edge Bearings x 3
  • M3*6 Corn Rivets x 4
  • Nylon Ties x 8
  • Cross Screwdriver x 1
  • M2/M3 Small Wrench x 1
  • Micro USB Cable x 1
  • EVA foam pads x 4