SunFounder Ezblock Pi Board

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Used as the RPi extension board with the adding ADC and PWM. The main applications: SensorKit, Remote control car, etc.

Usage Method
1. The board is inserted into the RPi to power it. The 5V battery on the RPi can power the board. Open the App, connect Bluetooth to flash codes to the board, and finish the wiring as your requirement. Now you can start your program.
2. Press the USR button for 3s; press the RST button before you release it to reset Bluetooth.
3. Long press the USR button and press the RST button. When LED flashes quickly, the force burning mode starts.
4. Press the RST button to reset RPi & MCU.

  • Size: 65*56mm  
  • No Load power consumption: 42mA  
  • Power Supply Method: RPi 5V Power Supply  
  • Onboard Voltage: 5V & 3.3V  
  • RST Button: Press the reset MCU & RPi  
  • USR Button: Custom buttons 
  • PWR Indicator: Powers on with a 3V3 and turns on when the circuit works well. 
  • LED Indicator: Custom LEDs  
  • Bluetooth: It works only when connected to EZblock with a connecting distance of 10cm and a maximum distance of about 10m. 
  • Ezblock Pi Board x 1