SunFounder Sensor Kit V1.0 for Raspberry Pi with 40-Pin GPIO

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The kit is featured with its consisting mainly of sensor modules. The sensors are made in the format of a module that integrates some necessary components, such as comparator, resistor, and capacitor, and so on, so it's convenient for circuit connection. This kit can help you "control" the physical world with sensors.

Code, Fritzing files, and datasheets are free to view and download from this link: 



  • Includes 37 sensor modules for you to learn basic knowledge about Raspberry Pi and sensors. 
  • With a detailed user manual containing 31 projects, code (C and Python), Fritzing images, datasheets, and so on. 
  • Quick-responding technical support for free. 
  • The well-designed case for 8 grids for storing the components by category. 
  • Raspberry Pi is NOT included, the GPIO Extension Board is not suitable for B+ 


Package List

  • Analog Hall Sensor x2 
  • Switch Hall Sensor x1 
  • RGB LED Module x2 
  • Two-color Common-Cathode LED x2 
  • Shock switch x1 
  • Knock sensor x1 
  • Infrared transmitter x1 
  • Laser Transmitter x1 
  • Reed switch x1 
  • Mini Reed x1 
  • Infrared-receiver x1 
  • Analog-temperature sensor x1 
  • Digital-temperature sensor x1 
  • Active Buzzer x1 
  • Passive Buzzer x1 
  • Button Switch x1 
  • Photo-interrupter x1 
  • Tilt-switch module x1 
  • GPIO Extension Board x1 
  • Jumper wires (male to female) x40 
  • Jumper wires (male to male) x20 
  • Mercury switch module x1 
  • Magic Cup x2 
  • DS18B20 Temperature Sensor x1 
  • Rotary Encoder module x1 
  • 7-color Auto-flash LED module x1 
  • Photoresistor Sensor x1 
  • Humiture Sensor x1 
  • Obstacle Avoidance Sensor x1 
  • Tracking Sensor x1 
  • Microphone Sensor x1 
  • High-sensitive Voice Sensor x1 
  • Metal Touch Sensor x1 
  • Flame Sensor x1 
  • Relay module x1 
  • Joystick PS2 x1 
  • MQ-2 Gas Sensor x1 
  • MQ-2 Smoke sensor module x1 
  • Breadboard x1 
  • ADC0832 x1


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