SunFounder Basic Sensor Kit

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This kit is different from other kits. All the components in this kit are provided in the form of modules which integrate some necessary components, such as comparator, resistor, and capacitor and so on. Therefore it is convenient for circuit connection. They will output signals directly by connecting Arduino boards. The kit includes all kinds of funny and completed modules for Arduino fans. It can help you "control" the physical world with sensors.

You need to solder the pin headers provided with the kit onto the LCD1602

35 Experiments with Modules
Lesson 1 Hall Sensor    
Lesson 2 RGB LED    
Lesson 3 Dual-color Common-Cathode LED    
Lesson 4 Shock Switch    
Lesson 5 Knock Sensor    
Lesson 6 Infrared Transmitter    
Lesson 7 Laser Transmitter    
Lesson 8 Reed Switch    
Lesson 9 Infrared-Receiver    
Lesson 10 Analog Temperature Sensor    
Lesson 11 Digital Temperature Sensor    
Lesson 12 Buzzer    
Lesson 13 Button Switch    
Lesson 14 Photo-interrupter    
Lesson 15 Tilt-Switch    
Lesson 16 Mercury Switch    
Lesson 17 Magic Cup    
Lesson 18 DS18B20 Temperature Sensor    
Lesson 19 Rotary Encoder    
Lesson 20 7-Color Auto-flash LED    
Lesson 21 Photoresistor Sensor    
Lesson 22 Humiture Sensor
Lesson 23 Obstacle Avoidance Sensor    
Lesson 24 Tracking Sensor    
Lesson 25 Microphone Sensor    
Lesson 26 Metal Touch Sensor    
Lesson 27 Flame Sensor    
Lesson 28 Relay Module    
Lesson 29 Joystick PS2    
Lesson 30 MQ-2 Gas Sensor    
Lesson 31 Password Lock    
Lesson 32 Lie Detector    
Lesson 33 Fire Alarm    
Lesson 34 Thermostatic Water Tank System    
Lesson 35 Intelligent Environment Monitoring
Package included:
1 x Project Box
1 x Booklet
2 x Analog Hall Sensor
1 x Switch Hall Sensor
2 x Dual-color Common-Cathode LED    
1 x Shock switch    
1 x Knock sensor    
1 x Infrared transmitter    
1 x Laser Transmitter    
1 x Reed switch    
1 x Mini Reed    
1 x Infrared-receiver    
1 x Analog-temperature sensor    
1 x Digital-temperature sensor    
1 x Active Buzzer    
1 x Passive Buzzer    
1 x Button Switch    
1 x Photo-interrupter    
1 x Tilt-switch module    
1 x Mercury switch module
2 x Magic Cup
1 x DS18B20 Temperature Sensor    
1 x Rotary Encoder module    
1 x 7-color Auto-flash LED module    
1 x Photoresistor Sensor    
1 x Humiture Sensor    
1 x Obstacle Avoidance Sensor    
1 x Tracking Sensor    
1 x Microphone Sensor    
1 x High-sensitive Voice Sensor    
1 x Metal Touch Sensor    
1 x Flame Sensor    
1 x Relay module    
1 x Joystick PS2    
1 x MQ-2 Gas Sensor    
1 x LCD1602    
1 x Keypad (4x4)    
1 x Remote controller    
1 x Potentiometer (250k Ohm)   
1 x Resistor (470k Ohm)     
1 x Breadboard    
40 x Jumper wire (Male to Female)
20 x Jumper wire (Male to Male)

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