3-Channel 3du5c Phototransistor Light Follower Module

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Phototransistor, or photo triode, is a photoelectric conversion component that senses the light intensity. The stronger the light, the larger currents, and better conductivity of the triode. 
Based on this principle, we use it for light following. It works by converting the conductivity to the voltage output, which means the stronger light shone on it, the smaller voltage output. Then convert the voltage into digital values by the A/D converter on the MCU. And we can tell the light intensity than by this value. 
The module can be used to sense the ambient luminance. The blue potentiometer is to adjust the sensitivity – you can change it to adapt to specific circumstances. There are two mounting holes of 3mm diameter on the module for easy installation on your robot. 
All in all, this Light Follower Module is a perfect choice for you to achieve a light following project!
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  • A three-way light following module uses the MCU STM8S003 as the controller and three 3du5c phototransistors for sensors.
  • The sensitivity of the transistor adjustable by the blue potentiometer.
  • Equipped with corresponding indicating lights (8 LEDs) – the strong light, the more brightened LEDs.
  • Comes with anti-reverse plug and 5-pin anti-reverse cable, for easy and stable wiring.
  • Working voltage: 5V; PCB size: 124 x 30 mm.

Package List

  • Light Follower Module x 1
  • 5-pin Anti-reverse Cable x 1
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