SunFounder SD TF 2 in 1 Card Reader Memory Card Shield Module SPI Interface for Arduino

SunFounder SD TF 2 in 1 Card Reader Memory Card Shield Module SPI Interface for Arduino

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1. Support Micro SD/TF card, SD card. 
2. Communication interface: standard SPI interface.                                                             
3. Built-in 5v -> 3.3v level translator chip TXB0104, making TF card work. 
4. Power Supply: 5V, PCB Dimension: 34mmx32mm ->1.34inch x 1.26inch.
5. Control Interface: GND, VCC, MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS.

When you have to deal with the audio, video or images in some projects, you will need a memory card to help you save these objects. A Reader Module is needed in the communication between the memory card and the MCU.
Sunfounder SD/TF card module can meet your needs. With standard SPI port, this module supports both SD and TF cards. Through the file system and SPI port driver, the MCU can read and write the file inside the MicroSD card.
To use with an Arduino, connect GND to ground, VCC to 5V, sck to pin 13, MISO to pin 12, MOSI to pin 11, and CS to pin 4.Then you can use the Arduino IDE's SD library which supports FAT16 and FAT32 SD cards.
For details on getting started, please refer to
1. DO NOT put the two cards in at the same time, otherwise, the module will not work.
2. Pin CD is used for detecting whether the Card has inserted or not. If yes, the pin is low level.  
Support SD/TF card in FAT16 and FAT32 format only.

Package Included
1X SD/TF Card Reader Module.

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