SF-986 Electric Soldering Station Kit

SF-986 Electric Soldering Station Kit


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1. COMMON KIT - A common soldering station kit, suitable for hobbyists to assemble, solder, repair electronic devices, etc. 
2. ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - Adjustable temperature with the thermostat's range of 200~480℃ (392~896℉). 
3. THERMOSTAT AND HEATING FAST - Able to keep a constant temperature if adjusted to a certain value. Reaches 350°C (662°F) in less than 30s. Comes with power switch, power indicator, and anti-static ability to be safer. 
4. FOUR SODERING TIPS - Soldering tips in 4 types, meeting different needs; with a cleaning sponge for soldering tip cleansing.
5. DIMENSIONS - 110 x 80 x 140mm (station only).

Being able to heat the soldering iron up in a few minutes, the SunFounder SF-986 Analog Soldering Station is convenient to use. As a common tool for electronic assembly, it has been widely used in household appliance repairing, IC and chip experiments, etc. It’s a necessity for open source hobbyists on DIY projects. With anti-static ability, the soldering station can be used with soldering iron and the operation is quite simple.

Note: For safety consideration, please follow the manual to operate.

Soldering Station
Model: SF-986
Input Voltage: 110V (US standard), 220V (EU/UK standard)
Output Voltage: AC 24V
Temperature Range: 200-480℃ (392-896℉)
Dimensions: 110 x 80 x 140mm (station only)
Weight: 1300g
Soldering Iron
Model: 900M-ESD
Power Consumption: AC 24V @ 60W
Cord Length: 1.1m
Length: 170mm
Weight: 25g (without wire)
Applications of the soldering iron tip:
900M-T-B Soldering Tip: Suitable for general soldering, any soldering point of whatever size
900M-T-3C Soldering Tip: Fit for soldering components like resistor and diode, and SOP and QFP with large pitch.
900M-T-K Soldering Tip: For soldering about SOJ, PLCC, SOP, QFP, parts connected to the ground on a power source, change of soldered bridge, connectors, etc.
900M-T-I Soldering Tip: Applicable to fine soldering or operation in small space, as well as changing bridge during chip soldering.

Package Included:
1 x Soldering Station
1 x Soldering Iron (900M)
1 x Soldering Iron Stand (with cleaning sponge)
1 x User Manual
1 x 900M-T-B Soldering Tip (assembled on the soldering iron)
1 x 900M-T-3C Soldering Tip
1 x 900M-T-K Soldering Tip
1 x 900M-T-I Soldering Tip

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