New Desoldering Braid Solder Remover Repair Wick Wire

New Desoldering Braid Solder Remover Repair Wick Wire

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New Desoldering Braid Solder Remover Repair Wick Wire

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1. Desoldering wick.
2. Desoldering Braid Solder Remover
3. Good oxidation-resistivity and anti-corrosion
4. High quality desoldering braid with unique, no clean flux.
5. Pure copper with a special chemical formula refined to ensure efficiency and quality.

Product Description


It is made by the pure copper as well as the special chemical formula to ensure efficiency and quality, which can also be used to absorb the excess soldering tin when desoldering. With oxidation-resistivity, anti-corrosion, good thermal conductivity, it can effectively absorb the tin. When dessoldering, there will be a mass of soldering tin after removing the chip which will affect the soldering of the chip. Usually, we use the soldering wick for clean-up, one way is to put the soldering iron onto the wick and then move the iron on the chip pad slowly. The tin will be sucked by the wick after melting. Thus the printing plate will be clean and you’d better using the water for cleaning the plate to clean-up the position the chip is at completely.

Type: 100% brand new
TGK- 1015 ( Length : 1.5m Width : 1.0mm )
TGK- 1515 ( Length : 1.5m Width : 1.5mm )
TGK- 2015 ( Length : 1.5m Width : 2.0mm )
TGK- 2515 ( Length : 1.5m Width : 2.5mm )
TGK- 3015 ( Length : 1.5m Width : 3.0mm )

Package Includes
1 x Desoldering Wick

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name New Desoldering Braid Solder Remover Repair Wick Wire
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