6D-Box MWC Multiwii Quadcopter Starter Kit, with 2.4GHz RC, 6-Axis Gyro

6D-Box MWC Multiwii Quadcopter Starter Kit, with 2.4GHz RC, 6-Axis Gyro

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6D-Box MWC Multiwii Quadcopter Starter Kit, with 2.4GHz RC, 6-Axis Gyro

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1. The 6D-Box starter kit is designed for beginner hobbyists to learn about aircraft model and flight operations, based on Arduino and MultiWii (MWC) code.
2. Included user manual, detailed code debugging explanation and technical support.
3. With an entry-level 4-channel throttle-left remote control.
4. 6D-BOX weight: 45.8g; 8min flight time.
5. With a cool LED board dazzling at dark, and half-circle protective bumpers.

Product Description


The 6D-Box Starter Learning Kit for aircraft model beginners is perfect for hobbyists who loves aircraft models but are not so equipped with related knowledges. It is ultra-small and lightweight, and can fly steadily especially for practicing indoor. An entry-level 4-channel throttle-left remote control is included, suitable for beginners to start controlling. The plane is based on the Arduino Mega328 platform and uses a 6-Axis gyro MPU6050 for fly. With MWC (MultiWii) code provided, hobbyists can recompile the code and learn the MWC open source code.
The user manual included explains some basic flight control knowledge, describes the MWC platform and code compiling, and provides instructions on remote control operations. All-aspect technical supported is provided to help beginners with quick entry into this field and learn how to fly the quadcopter in a short time. So get it to enjoy the fun of flight!

Package included:
6 x M1.2*10 Self-tapping Screw
6 x M2*5 Nylon Screw
6 x M2*20 Nylon Screw
6 x M2*8 Nylon Standoff
6 x M2*15 Nylon Standoff
1 x Frame
2 x 6D-Box Cover
1 x 6D-Box LED Board
2 x Motor Protective Seat (Black)
2 x Motor Protective Seat (Red)
2 x Propeller Bumper (Red)
2 x Propeller Bumper (Black)
2 x Red Propeller Reverse (clockwise)
2 x Red Propeller Positive (counterclockwise)
2 x Black Propeller Reverse (clockwise)
2 x Black Propeller Positive (counterclockwise)
1 x Flight Control Board
1 x Li-Po Battery (3.7V, 380mAH)
1 x Mini USB Cable
1 x 3.7V USB Charger for Li-Po Battery
2 x 720CW Motor (red & black wire)
2 x 720CCW Motor (black & white wire)
1 x USB To Serial for 6D-BOX
1 x 2-Pin Connector Cable
1 x 6-Pin Connector Cable
1 x 4mm Heat-shrink Tubing
1 x Remote Control Receiver (4-Channel)
1 x Remote Control
1 x 2mm Cross Screwdriver
1 x Propeller Removal Wrench

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name 6D-Box MWC Multiwii Quadcopter Starter Kit, with 2.4GHz RC, 6-Axis Gyro
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First hobby grade quality MWC mini quad By Review Effective 2017-05-11 10:31:01

Sunfounder really outdid themselves with this diy MWC quadcopter kit . It come with the following things .

-All parts to build quadcopter including the carbon fiber frame , coreless motors and control board.

-Radio Link Proportional controller

-Radio link mini 2.4ghz receiver

-Something to Serial Programmer plus arduino cable

-Extra props

-Screwdriver and Prop removing tool

-380mah lipo

-mini lipo smart charger

-Detailed instruction manual

First impressions had me thinking that building the quadcopter would be a tedious and long process but I was completely wrong . Building to programming the quadcopter is made simple due to the best manuals ever know to man . Honestly the manual is extremely easy to understand and helps a lot with building . Just make sure to follow them in order and pay attention to details . Building it was easy and took about 45 minutes - 1 hour . Programming was easy, everything is pre-programmed to the board already and all you have to do is to install the profilic driver (so that the computer knows how to recognize the board ) open up the MWC software and follow the instructions . As well the files can be found on the sunfounder site .

The controller is great and is a actual hobby grade radiolink controller . You are able to use the controller and receiver for other things aswell because it is standard receiver in a small 4 channel package. Also you can buy your own parts like ,batteries ,frames , motors , propellers meaning that it is fully modular . You are not stuck with parts sold by the manufacturer. Infinite possibilities .

The quadcopter runs nice and has a nice led square to show where your quad is at night and to see orientation. You can turn this into a full acro (3d helicopter stunts ) quadcopter by changing the PID and rates in the program software . Tune the quadcopter the way you like , and wince MWC is popular you can find tutorials online.

In conclusion this is a great product for anybody wanting to get a a rtf (ready to fly) kit to start the quadcopter hobby . You will be extremely please be the product and for the price it is hard to do due to the solder less connections .

(I hope this review helped and benefited you in the decision on purchasing this item, thank you sunfounder for sending me a product out for review and also for sending me replacement parts for no cost on my hand )

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