Sunfounder Super Kit V2.0 for Arduino Compatible with UNO R3 Mega2560 Nano

Sunfounder Super Kit V2.0 for Arduino Compatible with UNO R3 Mega2560 Nano

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This is a magical tool kit with various components inside for learning, which will lead you to the world of Arduino quickly. It includes 19 lessons, each containing the circuit connection, principles, Fritzing images and code explanations for you to learn Arduino from scratch. In addition, detailed introduction of the components is included in the manual and you can try some extension experiments by yourself after studying this kit.


  • STEM EDUCATION KIT - Perfect choice for beginners to learn Arduino, electronics and program.
  • LEARN TO CODE EASILY - You can learn how to code faster and easier than ever with this visual programming language software.
  • 19 PROJECTS PROVIDED - This starter kit provides a record 19 projects with diverse functions allowing for a dynamic creative experience.
  • STYLISH PACKAGING - A cool-blue plastic packaging box is included for easy and neat storage.
  • PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT - Quick-responding technical support

19 Projects for beginners

Lesson 1 Blinking LED
Lesson 2 Controlling LED by Button
Lesson 3 Controlling LED by PWM
Lesson 4 Controlling LED by Potentiometer
Lesson 5 Flowing LED Lights
Lesson 6 RGB LED
Lesson 7 DC Motor Control
Lesson 8 LCD1602
Lesson 9 Serial Monitor
Lesson 10 7-Segment Display
Lesson 11 74HC595
Lesson 12 Dot-matrix Display
Lesson 13 NE555 Timer
Lesson 14 Rotary Encoder
Lesson 15 ADXL345
Lesson 16 Simple Creation - Light Alarm
Lesson 17 Simple Creation - Traffic Light
Lesson 18 Simple Creation - Digital Dice
Lesson 19 Simple Creation - Small Fan

Packing List

  • Project Box x 1
  • Booklet x 1
  • RGB x 1
  • Pin Header x40
  • 555 Timer IC x 1
  • Optocoupler 4N35 x 2
  • Shift Resister 74HC595N x 2
  • H-Bridge L293D x 1
  • Accelerometer ADXL345 x 1
  • Rotary Encoder x 1
  • Push-Button (small) x 5
  • Resistor 220 Ohm x 8
  • Resistor 1k Ohm x 4
  • Resistor 10k Ohm x 4
  • Resistor 1M Ohm x 1
  • Resistor 5.1M Ohm x 1
  • Switch x 1
  • Potentiometer (50kΩ) x 1
  • LCD1602 Character Display x 1
  • Dot Matrix Display 8x8 x 1
  • 7-Segment Character Display x 2
  • DC Motor x 1 
  • LED red x 16
  • LED white x 2
  • LED green x 2
  • LED yellow x 2
  • NPN Transistor (S8050) x 2
  • PNP Transistor (S8550) x 2
  • Capacitor Ceramic (100nF) x 4
  • Capacitor Ceramic (10nF) x 4
  • Diode Rectifier x 4
  • Breadboard x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Jumper Wire (Male to Male) x 65
  • Dupont wire (Female to Male) x 20
  • Passive Buzzer x 1
  • Fan x 1
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An interesting kit By santi52 2016-08-04 17:57:16

Very appealing

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Ottimo kit! By C. Mario 2016-07-06 17:22:07

Kit come da descrizione. Consegna rapida. Il kit contiene anche un piccolo manuale in inglese ed un mini DVD con dati e video, insomma un buon acquisto per tutti coloro che vogliono apprendere e sperimentare con Arduino.

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注意事項としては * ポット(可変抵抗)の値がマニュアルと違っていました。ただし問題なく動作しますし、コードを少し調整すればより良く動作します。 * (ブレッドボードにベタ付けするような)短めのジャンプワイヤは付属してませんので、別途用意すると便利です。 * LCDのピンヘッダーに半田付け必要。半田付けについてのマニュアルはありませんので自力で。 By ytyng 2016-06-29 17:05:30


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I recommend this to anyone interested in electronics. It is good for kids and adults probably 8 and up due to all the little parts. The book and lessons are almost spot on and are easily recreatable. I very much enjoy the simplicity and accessibility of By Alex R 2016-05-23 15:03:29

I have been into electronics and computers for over 30 years. I've taken electronics courses on the college level and I must say this kit is truly remarkable.

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The components are great to tinker with, but for being listed as a "starter kit" I feel like there could have maybe been a little more hand-holding. By Joe Lerner 2016-05-05 14:32:14

The included components have more or less been as advertised. Ran into a few of the male-to-female wire connectors that didn't have a proper female end on them, but there are so many provided with the kit that it wasn't an issue. I do like the component c

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Everything was in great condition and worked perfectly.This is a very nice kit. By Mike 2016-05-05 13:49:13

For me, this has been much fun.The LCD , resistors, LEDs, module and so on,every things are what I need. In addition, the classes with the kit which download through the link is very helpful for me. I really thanks for the seller and their excellent service. God jod. I will buy again.

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Got everything in perfect condition. By \/1$4 2016-05-05 13:48:43

The kit even came with a project booklet that explains everything and a CD with the codes, circuit diagrams, and videos of the projects. For beginners its great but watch out on the dot matrix project and make sure you know if you have an anode or cathode display. If you turn it on and its all lit up and nothing happens (This happened to me when I perfectly copied the circuit diagram) switch the power and ground cables plugged into the shift registers.

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awesome kit By lmitless 2016-05-05 13:47:56

has everyone it advertises. It even comes with 4 transistors that the picture doesn't show. Few bent wires in a couple of the components like on the 8x8 dot matrix, and the motor's little terminal was bent over. All easily bent back to normal however.

additional notes:
doesn't come with the arduino so be sure to pick one up if you're into that, because this kit doesn't come with one.

breadboard is only 30 rows making it 3 inches long. so if you like one with 60 rows, pick up an extra one.

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100% recommend this product and wonderful customer service. I am testing them on the arduino UNO r3 and they work fine. By Bang P. Quach 2016-05-05 13:47:22

I did receive the LCD and LED. However, the pins on most of the components are bent very badly. From the look of the picture, I do get about 95% of the parts. I only received 7 pin headers instead of 40.

UPDATE - After contacting customer support, I was sent the missing parts as well as the new box which was broken before.
100% recommend this product and wonderful customer service. I am testing them on the arduino UNO r3 and they work fine.

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