T-Shape GPIO Extension Board with 40-pin Ribbon Cable for Raspberry Pi

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This T-shape extension board, as the name suggests, is to extend the GPIOs of a Raspberry Pi. Underneath the power and GND pins can be plugged into the + and – rails on a breadboard, making it easy and neat to connect. A filter capacitor is added between the power and GND for steady voltage output. With this T_Extension Board, you can make your experiments more conveniently and easily!

1. A T-shape Extension Board extends the pins of Raspberry Pi and can be directly plugged into a breadboard.
2. Separate UART pins, convenient for logging into the Raspberry Pi by serial port.
3. All pins are labeled with BCM, those on the right sequenced by wiringPi.
4. The power and GND pins underneath can be plugged into the power (+) and ground (-) rails on the breadboard.
5. With a power indicator LED, and well-designed socket in case of inverse cable connection

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T-Extension Board with 40-pin Ribbon Cable x 1

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