SunFounder TB6612 1.2A DC Motor Driver Module

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The TB6612 Motor Driver Module uses TB6612FNG as the driver chip which has large current (1.2A continuous current) and two-channel output in a MOSFET-H bridge structure and can drive two motors. The motor voltage and the working voltage of the module are separated - VCC for the module: 2.7 V to 5.5 V, and VM for the motor: 15V (Max). But the optimum working voltage of the motor is 4.5V-13.5, and it cannot work when the voltage is lower than 4.5V. 

It’s easy to control since you can control the forward and reverse rotation of the two servos by setting the values MA and MB as high or low level. The values PWMA and PWMB are to control the rotational speed of the motor which only occupies 4 I/O pins. The anti-reverse ports for motor connection and signal input can be plugged firmly and conveniently. With low-voltage detection and thermal shutdown inside the chip to protect the circuit, you don’t need to worry about ruining your project or damaging the main control board. 

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  • Uses the TB6612FNG motor driver chip with a maximum output current of 1.2A. 
  • Firm and convenient wiring, with an anti-reverse port for both motor connection and signal input. 
  • Simple control: control two motors simultaneously - MA and MB for the direction of the motor, and PWMA and PWMB for rotational speed.   
  • Dual power supply. VCC for the module: 2.7-5.5 V, VM for the motor: 15V (Max). 
  • Small and lightweight, with 3mm mounting holes, suitable for smart cars. 

Package List

  • SunFounder TB66112 Motor Driver x 1 
  • 2-Pin Anti-reverse cable x 3
  • 4-Pin Anti-reverse cable x 1
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