SunFounder Ultimate Starter Kit SF-UltimateKitMars

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SunFounder Ultimate Starter Kit

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1. This learning kit is exactly what all Arduino beginners need – for you to start from installing the Arduino IDE and walk deeper into the world of developing by Arduino.
2. Comes with a detailed user manual for operations on the Arduino IDE, including simple experiments and understandable programming details, for you to easily grasp Arduino related.
3. With a RAB Holder, which is large enough for an Arduino Uno (Mars) or Mega 2560 (Mercury), a Raspberry Pi, and a breadboard, convenient for making projects.
4. Includes general devices like the MCU, USB cable, LED, resistors, which are indispensable for you to get into the Arduino world.
5. A fancy Mars board is provided, which is optimized based on the Arduino Uno (completely compatible), designed to make your learning more interesting.

This starter kit is designed for the beginners among the Arduino hobbyists, equipped with some basic components and the Arduino board including the solderless breadboard, colorful jumper wires, and the RAB Holder for holding the Arduino board, Raspberry Pi and breadboard. This kit makes it possible for you to learn Arduino from scratch. You will be able to learn the Arduino IDE including what's IDE, how to install and how to use it. For more materials, please go to our website to download the related code and view the user manual on LEARN -> Get tutorials.

Package included
1 x SunFounder Mars Board
2 x M3*10 Screw
4 x M2.5*6 Screw
6 x M3*6 Screw
8 x Resistor (220Ω)
8 x Resistor (1kΩ)
8 x Resistor (10kΩ)
8 x LED (Red)
8 x LED (Green)
8 x LED (Yellow)
1 x Potentiometer
1 x USB Type-C
65 x Male-to-Male Jumper Wire
1 x Breadboard
1 x RAB Header
1 x Color Code Calculator Card

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Additional Information

Name SunFounder Ultimate Starter Kit
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