Ultrasonic Kit for Arduino

Ultrasonic Kit for Arduino

Technical Details
15 Projects for beginner
Lesson 1 Button1
Lesson 2 LED Flowing Lights
Lesson 3 Buzzer
Lesson 4 Photoresistor
Lesson 5 RGB LED
Lesson 6 Relay
Lesson 7 Tilt-Switch
Lesson 8 Servo
Lesson 9 LCD1602
Lesson 10 Thermistor
Lesson 11 Voltmeter
Lesson 12 Ultrasonic
Lesson 13 Stopwatch
Lesson 14 Automatic Light Source Tracking
Lesson 15 Backing a Car

Package included
1x 1602 LCD Module
1x USB Cable
1x Breadboard
20x Female to Female Dupont Wire
40x Male to Male Dupont Wire
1x Project Box
8x Resistor - 220R
4x Resistor - 1 kR
4x Resistor - 10 kR
4x Resistor - 100 kR
1x Resistor - 1 MR
1x Resistor - 5.1 MR
1x Ultrasonic
1x Ultrasonic holder
1x 4 digit 7 segment
2x NPN Transistor
1x FET Power Transistor
2x Diode (Rectifier)
1x Diode (Zener)
1x Motion Sensor (Tilt Switch)
1x Light Sensor (Photocell)
1x Temperature Sensor
2x Button
2x Rotary Knob (Potentiometer)
1x Servo Motor
4x Green LED
4x Red LED
4x Yellow LED
1x Piezo Buzzer/Speaker
1x Relay
80x Pin Header
1x Booklet

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